What they say about our work

Most participants on training delivered by the Training Station’s trainers rate their experience of the training as ‘excellent’, with average appreciation scores often in excess of 95%.

Comments received by our trainers from course participants include:

  • “Thank you very, very much. I have never attended anything more valuable or more unique!”
  • “The workshop accomplished its goal and made a change.”
  • “The content and training was excellent. The use of different mediums (TV and radio) was very applicable.”
  • “The workshop has given me a great boost to my self-confidence. Now, I can participate with more courage.”
  • “Very good interactive session. Cross-functional teamwork and a lot of professionalism from the facilitators.”
  • “I learnt what a good trainer really is like!”
  • “Perfect seminar, a combination of theoretical and practical exposure, really taking the whole group up on the level within one day, professionally prepared.”
  • “An excellent coaching team and a very well constructed session. The social media session was especially well set up and very relevant for today’s environment. Well done and thanks.”
  • “‘Excellent’ sums it up. This session gave me a chance to learn some basic principles and techniques on how to handle and interact with the media. By the end of the course, I had already greatly felt the change in my ability to handle potential situations.”
  • “The most dynamic and interactive of all workshops that I have ever attended.”
  • “Simply outstanding. Great professionals doing a great job. Congratulations!”